Prohibited substances in salons are methyl methacrylate (MMA) liquid monomers, formalin tablets, formalin liquids, and other fumigants.


Skin cutting equipment, including razor-type callus shavers, credo blades, rasps, or graters and other implements that are used to remove corns or calluses by cutting below the skin surface are prohibited and must not be present in a salon.


Roll-on wax is prohibited. Single-use roll-on wax cartridges are acceptable but must be disposed of immediately after service. Roll-on wax cartridges warming in a wax heater must have an intact seal. The heating unit is subject to the requirements of part 2105.0375 and must be cleaned and disinfected after each use.


UV sterilizers or light boxes are not an acceptable infection control device and must not be present in a salon. This does not apply to UV dryers or ultraviolet lamps used to dry or cure nail products.


Autoclaves and autoclave packaging of tools are prohibited unless regular spore tests are performed by a contracted laboratory at least once per month but not more than 30 days between tests. If a positive spore test is received, the autoclave must not be used until a negative spore result is received. The salon must maintain a log of each use, all testing samples and results, and a maintenance log of all maintenance performed according to the manufacturer’s directions. The salon must retain the most recent 12 months of the log at the salon for review by the board.


Electric or battery-operated files or drills not specifically manufactured for use on humans are prohibited.


Practitioners must not use tools or implements provided by customers unless the practitioner first cleans and disinfects the tool or implement. Customer-supplied prohibited tools must not be used and must be immediately removed from the salon premises. Customer-supplied single-use items must be new.


Salons must not store a customer’s tools or implements.


Nail salons must not offer esthetician services without an esthetician salon license, and esthetician salons must not offer nail services without a nail salon license. Nail and esthetician salons must not offer services which require a cosmetology salon license.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 155A.23; 155A.26; 155A.27; 155A.29; 155A.30


41 SR 305

Published Electronically:

September 13, 2016