The owner and the designated licensed salon manager (DLSM) registered with the board are responsible for the salon at all times, even when not present at the salon. The owner and the DLSM must ensure that:


all practitioners, including nonemployees, who perform licensed services in the salon are in compliance with all provisions of this chapter and Minnesota Statutes, chapter 155A; and


each practitioner in the salon is currently licensed in Minnesota for the services provided by that practitioner to customers.


The salon must designate and register only one person as the DLSM for each salon. This does not preclude a salon from having a business manager or other managers who are not licensed as operators or managers. Salons holding both a nail salon and an esthetician salon license may have a designated licensed salon manager for each license, or a cosmetologist salon manager may serve as the designated licensed salon manager for both licenses.


The DLSM and the owner must maintain, on the salon premises, the work time records of each licensed employee, as required by Minnesota Statutes, section 177.30. Time records must be provided upon written request to the licensee or to the board.


Any salon that leases space to one or more licensed practitioners must provide lessees with a method to track hours worked. Acceptable methods are paper, mechanical, or electronic. All methods must record time on a contemporaneous basis. The salon must retain the work time records for a period of four years for each lessee. Work time records must be provided upon written request to the licensee or to the board. The salon has no obligation to ensure the use of the method to track work hours by a lessee.


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Published Electronically:

September 13, 2016