About Altobelli University


Our goal is  to TRAIN and EDUCATE you in Hair Care, Nail Care, Skin Care and get you ready for your CAREER professionally and personally.

We are glad you selected Altobelli University. Rocco Altobelli has been an industry leader in the Twin Cities area for nearly 50 years. In the conception, Rocco had a philosophy first and for most, education in the industry needs improvement. This philosophy is related to the advancement in our current system. We are bringing this advancement to the Industry, we feel Industry Professionals have alot to gain from from this knowledge. Roccos has always produced the best in the industry which relates to the best quality service for the customer and the best service staff in the industry. We feel that this type of education might take additional time and commitment in the beauty industry beyond what State Board is requiring. This is why our curriculum is set high to make sure the quality of the student that graduates from our University exceeds Rocco’s Standards.