AU – MSB Skin Care

Course Info

Day 01 – Morning

Anatomy of the skin

AU Asthetic Manual, Strength & flexibility,Functions and Nutrition & maintenance

Day 01 – Afternoon

Skin disorders & diseases

Lesions & growths, Oil & sweat glands, Inflammation, Pigment disorders, Skin cancers, Acne, aging, & sun effects and Contact dermatitis

Day 02 – Morning

Hair Removal

Hair removal, Hypertrichosis, Client consultation-Client Card, Contraindications-release form, Permanent hair removal, Temporary hair removal, Epilators, Safety & Sanitation and When to use soft & hard-wax

Day 02 – Afternoon

Soft and Hard wax

Product knowledge, Soft and Hard wax = Current usage, Current usage products, Wax pots, Current Services we Offer, Current Videos on Wax, Underarm & arm, Leg & bikini, Facial waxing and Back & chest

Day 03 – Morning

Underarm & arm waxing

Demo setup, Safety & sanitation, Procedure and Practice

Day 03 – Afternoon


Underarm & arm waxing, Demo setup, Safety & sanitation, Procedure and Practice

Day 04 – Morning

Bikini & leg waxing

Demo setup, Safety & sanitation, Procedure and Practice

Day 04 – Afternoon

Write procedure cards

Face waxing, Underarm waxing, Leg wax, Bikini and Back & chest

Day 05 – Morning


Skin analysis, consultation, client card, Contraindications, Skin types, Acne, Massage – AU manual massage, Therapy, Facial treatments, Services we offer, Products & product knowledge, Altobelli, Setup & demo signature facial

Day 06 – Morning


Radiance renewal facial, Setup, Safety & sanitation and Demo

Day 06 – Afternoon

Day 07 – Morning


Signature back facial, Setup, Safety & sanitation, Demo and Practice.

Day 07 – Afternoon

Practice Radiance renewal back facial

Setup, Safety & sanitation, Demo and Practice

Day 08 – Morning

Facials and Makeup

Procedure cards, Signature facial, Radiance renewal facial, Signature back facial, Radiance back facial, Makeup, Cosmetics, Implements, Corrective makeup and Demo

Day 08 – Afternoon

Brow & lash tint/Strip lash

Demo Setup, Safety & sanitation, Procedure, Practice and Strip lash application, procedure

Day 09 – Morning


Waxing: Face ,brow, or lip, or chin, hard and soft wax, Underarm or leg, soft or hard wax

Day 09 – Afternoon


Facial, Signature or Radiance and Brow & lash tint

Day 10 – Morning


Back facial, Signature or Radiance

Day 10 – Afternoon


Makeup application FULL

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