Mes en Plas

Facial Room: Clean, Neat and Warm. Fitted sheet, regular sheet, blanket, U-shape face pad, lights dim, hand mirror, towel warmer on. Implements:8 Hot Towels, 3 dry Towels, 2- brushes, 3 ramekins, disposable gloves

Product Setup

2- Tsp Dual action cleanser scrub, 1-Tbsp mineral mud, 1- Tbsp. glorious massage cream, ½ Tsp body lotion




  1. Wash your hands with hot soapy water. Remove jewelry, sanitize area and set-up product, Makeup facial bed
  2. Guest use hand-sanitizer or wash hands, remove jewelry, do consultation
  3. Make sure the guest is comfortable and warm, guest positioned face down
  4. Teacher consult and dispense product
  5. Apply warm wet towels to back to open pores
  6. Apply dual action cleanser scrub with hands to back and massage 1-2 minutes
  7. Remove with warm towel
  8. Apply mineral mud mask using double brush method to back leave on 10 minutes
  9. While mask is drying perform hand and arm massage
  10. Remove mask with warm wet towels
  11. Apply glorious massage cream to back and massage 5 minutes
  12. Apply warm wet towel to remove massage cream
  13. Apply body lotion to back and massage in 1-2 minutes
  14. Do closing procedures