2020 Board Members

Board members 2020

Rhonda Besel – Board Chair

Cosmetology Member, Term Expires January 2023

Instructor at Riverland Community College

Licenses – Cosmetology Instructor, Cosmetologist Salon Manager and Cosmetologist School Manager.

Chelsey Anderson – Vice Chair

Esthetician Board Member, Term Expires January 2023

Aesthetician / Permanent Makeup Artist at Omni Cosmetic Surgery

Licenses – Advanced Practice Esthetician Salon Manager and Advanced Practice Esthetician Instructor.

Jodi Friendshuh

Nail Technician Board Member, Term Expires January 2023

Licenses – Nail Technician Operator

Donna Dungy

Private School Instructor Board Member, Term Expires January 2022

Instructor at Minnesota School of Cosmetology

Licenses –NLF

Marcie Smith Fields

Public School Instructor Board Member, Term Expires January 2022

Owner and Manager of Field of Hair. Cosmetology Instructor at  St.Paul College. (Public)

Licenses – Cosmetology Instructor, Advanced Practice Esthetician Salon Manager, Advanced Practice Esthetician Instructor and Cosmetologist School Manager.

Designated Manager at Fields of Hair Inc.

Stephen Adams

Cosmetology Board Member, Term Expires January 2020

Owner and Manager of Moxie Salon and Moxie Shaired Space

Licenses – Cosmetologist Salon Manager


Currently Vacant

Public Member, Term Expires January 2023

Advanced Balayage

3pm Welcome to Altobelli Univeresity
– General info Hand out Balayage History of..
– Introduction to Tools- Paddles, Brushes, Plastic Wrap and Clay vs Regular lightener
3:15pm Ergonomics
– Body postition, Elevation, Placement, Design vertical Section vs Horizontal
– Money shot, Peaks and valleys, deep “V’S” vs High “V’s”. Sectioning, Darkness to make it lighter
– Breaks in Style, Energy, Powerball, Tango
3:30pm Added value services
– Artifical Regrowth, Instant Eye lift, Money Shot
3:45pm processing,
– lift and levels, Hue Cool Nuetral and Warm. Developer vs Activator.
3:50pm Color theory.
– Understanding the current Style,

Hair Cutting Day 02

Morning Exercise: P2P P2K wall section N/N N/E N/I.
Clinical Practice: Freefall Neutral Perimeter. Graveyard client w/Blowcomb, 2 Graveyard clients
Theory:Perimeter lines Neutral Push, Diagonal Forward, Diagonal Back, Freefall No tension