Mes en Plas

Cape, towels, wide tooth comb, gloves, post treatment, timer, conditioning neutralizer, protective cream, smoothing cream, tint brush, color bowl, pre-treatment, clarifying shampoo

Product Setup

Smoothing cream, neutrilizer, protective cream, pre-treatment



60 – 120 MINS


  1. Wash your hands with hot soapy water. Remove jewelry and set-up product make up facial bed

2. Drape client, towel, cape, towel

3. Analyze hair and scalp

4. Client consultation

5. Teacher consult and dispense product

6. Shampoo hair with clarifying shampoo, rinse and towel blot

  1. Part into 4 quadrants. Regrowth at least 2″ long
  1. Put on gloves. Spray Pre-Treat onto previously straightened hair only

9.  Pour smoothing treatment into bowl

10.  Begin at the nape in one quadrant and take horizontal parting 1/2 ” (1-finger width) off scalp onto virgin hair only.  Do Not apply directly onto the scalp

11.  Smooth hair with fingers or the back of the comb on retouch area only throughout the processing time

12.  Strand test after the first 10 minutes and every 5 after.

13.  Rinse hair with warm water for atleast 7-10 minutes depending on the texture of the hair or until all product removed

14. Towel blot hair, comb through with wide tooth comb

15.  Part hair into four quadrants, put on protective gloves, begin at the nape using horizontal partings

16.  Apply neutrilizing conditioner directly from bottle, 1/2″ from the scalp onto the virgin hair only. Do not apply directly to the scalp

17.  Leave Neutrilizing conditioner on for 10 minutes

18.  Rinse hair with warm water for atleast 5-7 minutes while keeping the hair straight as possilble

19.  Towel blot hair and gently comb through with wide tooth comb

20.  Apply post-treat Creme to mid-lengths and ends of hair and distribute evenly

21.  Leave on 2-3 min, rinse and towel blot

22.  Dry and style as needed

23.  Closing procedure  (Remember to mention no washing hair for atleast 48 hours)


Rebook, recommend another service appointment, ask if they need any hair products