Responsibility for the Salon Physical Plant

The salons are professionally cleaned several times each week. In between, it is your responsibility to keep the salon clean and running well. Therefore, everyone is involved in keeping the salon clean. Rocco Altobelli, Inc. also has a Salon Maintenance staff that you may call for information, help, and repairs.

The Administrator is responsible for the Salon Physical Plant. The Styles and Tech leaders are to hold their staff members accountable in turn and assist the administrators in follow through, especially when the administrator is not in the salon.Styles and Tech leaders check their list daily and double check the list monthly.

The Administrators, Styles Leaders, and Tech Leaders need to follow through on the staff checklists to ensure that the salon is very clean and in good repair. ( Please see the staff’s daily maintenance responsibilities in the employee handbook.)

Administrators Role

1. Administrators that have Assistant Administrators may delegate physical plant daily routine checks and tasks to them as long as the administrators are following through to see that the work was accomplished. Administrators need to be delegating areas of salon cleanliness responsibilities to staff members in order to keep the salons consistently clean and picked up.

2. It is important to use daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning lists so that nothing gets missed. Every salon needs to have an opening and closing checklist so that when the clients arrive, the salon is clean & presentable for the staff and clients the next day and clean when the salon is closed. You may add areas particular to your salon that need checking to these lists. (Seethe check lists that follow)

3. Administrators need to be double-checking the work of the cleaners each morning after the cleaners have been in.