Mes en Plas

Hand mirror,  3 dry Towels, disposable gloves, wax strips, cotton rounds, wax applicators, mascara wand,tweezer, scissor, clip, cape

Product Setup

Makeup wipe, pre hon, wax remove, post wax, pre pared wax




  1. Wash your hands, put on gloves
  2. Consultion with hand mirror
  3. Remove makeup with wipe if needed
  4. Cleanse area(s) to be waxed with pre-hon
  5. Test wax
  6. Apply wax with applicator in direction of hair growth
  7. Apply wax strip
  8. Remove in opposite direction of hair growth, holding skin taut
  9. Apply pressure
  10. Apply wax remove
  11. Tweeze un-wanted hair
  12. Client approval with hand mirror
  13. Apply post wax
  14. Clean and disinfect area


Offer other services, offer to rebook before they leave and ask if they are good on their hair care products