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Product Description

tone-on-tone conditioning hair color cream

milk shake smoothies is a tone-on-tone conditioning semi-permanent hair color cream. Vibrant pigments give an incredible shine, while milk protein, organic honey, sunflower oil, amino acid complex and fruit extracts add softness and condition the hair and scalp. milk_shake smoothies has a pleasant fragrance and leaves hair healthy-looking, shiny and conditioned with vibrant color.

milk_shake smoothies provides versatility to professional color services while respecting hair’s health and integrity. Ideal for shiny, natural and durable grey blending, it gives gloss and shine to natural bases, tone to color contrasts or highlights, uniform color, and offers an easy hair coloring service without too much commitment. To be used only in combination with the specific activator : milk_shake activating emulsion for tone-on-tone coloring and masking of first greys, (up to 50%), or milk_shake intensive activating emulsion for a more intense coverage of greys (up to 75%), and for more intense shading.

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milk_shake smoothies Swatch Chart

milk_shake smoothies conditioning semi-permanent hair color is a gentle, ammonia-free cream colorant with milk proteins, organic honey, sunflower oil, fruit extracts and a special amino acid complex. Its special formulation allows for endless hair coloring versatility, while retaining the integrity of hair’s structure.

Specific developers and intensive activating emulsions ensure intense color, while the natural ingredients and uniquely intoxicating fragrance take hair color to another level. The results are glossy, vibrant color and beautifully conditioned hair.

  • available in 41 vibrant shades for perfect colour
  • illuminates a natural base colour
  • gives intense, shiny and natural hues
  • hides the first greys
  • ideal to touch up an existing colour
  • perfect to tone and give shaded hues to lightened or blond hair
  • perfect to give shine and colour hues
  • suitable for male hair colouring

A mix of ingredients to value the beauty and the well-being of the hair:

Blueberry extract with a mineralizing action and rich of vitamins. It is present in violet nuances. The violet cream colour and the blueberry fruits fragrance characterize the violet series.

Cocoa seeds extract, with a nourishing and moisturizing action, leaves hair soft and bright and has strong anti-aging properties. It is present in chocolate nuances. The brown cream colour and the chocolate fragrance characterize the chocolates series.

Strawberry extract with a mineralizing, emollient and revitalising action. It is present in red nuances. The red cream colour and the strawberry fragrance characterize the red series. 

Papaya extract with a strong emollient action and rich of vitamins. It is present in copper nuances. The orange cream colour and the tropical fruits fragrance characterize the copper series.

Honey extract with a conditioning action increases the hair brightness and handling whilst relaxing and protecting the skin. It is present in golden nuances. The golden cream colour and the honey fragrance characterize the golden series.

Milk proteins with a highly integrative and conditioning action of the hair structure. The white colour and the sweet milk fragrance characterize the natural series


Milk proteins with a highly integrative and conditioning action of the hair structure. The white colour and the sweet milk fragrance characterize the natural series.


Notes and helpful tips


Make a technical diagnosis

• hair’s natural level
• % of white hair
• the hair type: body – porosity – tenacity – density – elasticity
• the desired result

Can be applied on damp hair if needed.

If guest is using WOW or other re growth camouflaging products, it is advised to be rinsed & shampooed out prior to color service.

Conditioning Semi-Permanent Colour
Ammonia Free

Has milk proteins, organic honey and sunflower oil & amino acid complex.

Please read manufactures instructions to familiarize yourself with these products. This information has been gathered through testing & education from MS educators.

Standard Preparation 1 + 1.5

In a non-metallic bowl, mix 1 part of milk_shake® smoothies conditioning semi_permanent colour + 1 ½ milk_shake® activating emulsion or intensive activating emulsion (e.g. 50 ml of milk_shake® + 75 ml activating emulsion).

Light Activating Emulsion: 3.5 Volume
For: toning, refreshing, pastels & intensifiers

Activating Emulsion: 8 Volume
For: Gray blending, tone on tone & going darker on natural hair

Intensive Activating Emulsion: 18 Volume
For: 1 level of tonal shift, up to 75% gray coverage, virgin copper gold & red

Service Type

Tone on tone colouring – 20/30 minutes

Coverage of white hair – 30 minutes

More intense colouring – 30 minutes

Colours corrections – 5/20 minutes

Give tone to lengths of coloured hair – 5/20 minutes. Male colouring – 5/10 minutes

Virgin application: 20-30 minutes
Retouch application: 25- 30 minutes
Reduce timing for overly porous hair

Dry heat can be used for resistant gray, to intensify color or reduce timing. 

Intensifiers: (Glazes, toners…)
Silver, Powder, Antricite & Pearl

About Emulsion

milk_shake smoothies activating emulsion is formulated to work with milk_shake smoothies conditioning semi-permanent hair color for maximum color pigmentation. Creamy, conditioning and pleasantly scented, milk_shake smoothies activating emulsion has a gentle action on hair and scalp. Contains the exclusive Integrity 41®, which guarantees great color seal. With a working volume of 8%.

Light Activating Emulsion 3.5vol

toning, refreshing, pastels & intensifiers

Activating Emulsion 8vol

Tone on tone hair colour

Give reflect to natural hair

Coverage of first white hair up to 50%

Give tone to coloured or discoloured hair

Correction of colour or pre-pigmentation

Customize blond hair or highlightened hair

Work in synergy with permanent colours

Male hair colouring Standard Preparation 1 + 1.5

Intensive Activating Emulsion 18vol

More intense reflects to natural hair

Create lightening to natural hair up to 1 level

More intense coverage of white hair up to 75%

Intensify the tone of coloured hair (e.g.: copper, red, violet)

Intensify the tone of discoloured hair (e.g.: pearl, powder, silver, anthracite)



Covers up to 75% Grey
Tone Shift
Virgin Hair Application

Light Activating 3.5 vol. 3%

5-20 minutes

Grey blending up to 50%
All over color (Natural level or darker)

Activating 8 vol. 3%

20- 30 minutes

Toning Pre-Lightened Hair
Refreshing previously colored hair
Very Porous hair

Intensive 18 vol. 6%

30 minutes



  • Virgin application: wash the hair with milk_shake® deep cleansing shampoo. Dry it and apply the mixture evenly from re-growths to ends. Processing time: 20 to 30 minutes (time will vary according to the desired intensity). In case of very porous or fine hair, reduce the processing time by a few minutes.
  • Next application: wash the hair with milk_shake® deep cleansing shampoo. Dry it and apply mixture on visible re-growth. Processing time: 20 to 30 minutes. 5/10 minutes before the end of the processing time, apply the mixture on the lengths and ends of the hair. In case of very porous or fine hair, reduce the processing time by a few minutes.
  • Application to give tone to previously coloured/discoloured hair: apply the mixture on clean and towel-dried hair, processing time: 5 to 30 minutes (time will vary according to the desired intensity).
  • Emulsify and massage without adding water. Rinse out thoroughly.
  • Apply milk_shake® color specific acid color sealer, wash with color specifics shampoo & condition with color specifics color sealing conditioner.
  • Heat: It is possible to use a dry heat source in order to increase colour intensity and depth, particularly on resistant hair, or to reduce the advised processing time.