General Inspection

All countertops are disinfected and free of any debris, including areas behind machines etc…

Wax pot is completely free of any wax, including sides and behind the machine and wax bar. Wax pot has a smooth feel to it.

Shelves are disinfected and wiped down.

Outside of product containers are wiped down and disinfected.

Cupboards are disinfected and free from smudges. wax, etc…

Trash container has been emptied, disinfected and free of wax and leftovers.

Steamer, dermascope, and machines are disinfected and completely free of debris, including crevices.

Area under bed is free of any storage ( where applicable). If there is any storage, unit must have a lid.

Inside of cabinets and drawers are disinfected and free of debris.

Sanitary implements are separated appropriately. ( Woods, sharps, cotton, and q-tips, wax strips, brushes, measuring untinsels and gauze are in separate catagories.)

Personal papers and references are kept in a separate area from sanitized areas.

Sanitizing tray is being changed on a regular basis. Liqued is not cloudy

Let’s Dance and Let’s Touch sanitizers are available in the room.

Hazerdous waste containers are visible and accessible.

Shower Room and Bathroom

Trash container has been emptied.

Floor is clean and free of tissue, garbage and dirt.

Items in cabinet are sanitized and orderly.

Lockers and Closets

Shelves are clean and sanitized

Bottom of closet is clean

Mirrors and tops of shelves are clean and free of dust.

Spa Cabinet

Shelves are clean and disinfected.

Items in cupboard are straightened and organized.

Spa dishes, glasses and silverware are clean and organized.

Britta pitcher and tea pot are clean and in good working order.

Counter area is free of clutter.

Lounge Area

Area is free of garbage, dirty dishes and glasses.

Magazines are kept organized and up to date.

Retail Shelves

Shelves are clean and dusted.

Product is dusted and organized.

Make-up Retail

Display unit is clean and disinfected.

Counter and shelves are disinfected.

Testers for powder blushes and shadows are cleaned and sanitized.

Sponges, mascara wands, tissue, lip brushes and shadow applicators are organized, sanitized and in their own enclosed container.


Products are to be kept in the format as marked in each cabinet.

Shelves are clean and neat.

All unnecessary items are to be sent back to corporate office.

Disciplinary action for lack of follow-through with prescribed standards

One verbal ( documented) and two written warnings( documented) for lack of compliance

Make sure to note the areas on the warning form in which the employee was not compliant.

Third warning employee is dismissed.