General Inspection

Top of the station is clean, dust free.

Shelves, drawers are clean and dust free.

Garbage can is empty, clean on the outside, free of dust.

Area around the station is clean dust free ( no nail clippings).

Towel on the station is clean. ( must be changed daily)

All bottles/containers are labeled

No acrylic brushes hanging from light.

No personal items sitting out.

Anti- tuberculosidal spray at station.

Sanitizer tray is clean and being changed on a daily basis. ( liquid is not cloudy)No fans, heaters, extension cords or plug strips at station.

Signs are current and in good condition.

Ceiling/vents are clean.

Floor is clean and free of clippings.

All lights are working.

Lamp is clean and dust free.

At the end of shift all items are put away and properly stowed. Only polish remover, drill base, liqued sanitizer,and business cards are on top of the station.

Hazardous waste cans are visible and accessible.

Pedicure Area

Garbage is empty and basket and the outside/top of basket is clean and free from dust.

Pedicure cart inside/outside is clean and free from dust.

Shelves are clean, sanitized.

Pit is clean, free from dust and clippings.

Storage cabinets are clean and organized.

Polish/holder on wall is clean and organized.

Thereabath is clean and wax free, with a clean towel draped over the top.

Inside/outside of Pedi chairs are clean including crevices.

Floor/carpet area is clean and dust free.( no clippings)

Anti-tuberculocidal spray in room.

Let’s Dance and Kaboom is stored.

Hazardous waste cans are visible and accessible.

Outside of product containers are clean and lids/caps are tightly closed.

Disciplinary action for lack of follow-through with prescribed standards

One verbal ( documented) and two written warnings( documented) for lack of compliance

Make sure to note the areas on the warning form in which the employee was not compliant.

Third warning employee is dismissed.