Mes en Plas

Facial Room:  Towel warmer on 2-Warm towels, Wax strips, cotton rounds, applicators, tweezers, Gloves, hand mirror, roll paper and 1 fitted sheet

Product Setup

Makeup wipes, pre hon, wax remove, postwax and prepared wax




  1. Wash your hands with hot soapy water. Remove jewelry, sanitize area and set-up product, Makeup facial bed with fitted sheet and roll paper to protect sheet
  2. Put on Gloves
  3. Consultation with hand mirror
  4. Teacher consult
  5. Cleanse underarm with makeup wipe to remove deodorant
  6. Apply warm towel to open pores
  7. Apply pre hon – Test wax
  8. Apply wax in direction of hair growth
  9. Apply wax strip, rub several times and remove strip in opposite direction of hair growth holding the skin taut
  10. Apply pressure
  11. Apply wax remove
  12. Tweeze unwanted hair
  13. Client approval with hand mirror
  14. Apply post wax
  15. Clean and disinfect area
  16. Do closing procedures


Discuss other services we offer.  Ask if they are good on their hair care products