word of mouth marketing



Positive word-of-mouth marketing rarely happens by accident and never happens over night.  We need to brand our school so that people want to talk about us all the time. 

Think of something you love: Starbucks or Krispy- Kreme Doughnuts.  Their customers love their products, and the experience of being part of their brand, regardless of the price of the products or the wait to get them. 

 First identifying our clients:

                         Students –  Happy experience and fun education will have them talking about us and referring perspective students.

                        Service clients-  Happy salon service, customer service and overall spa experience – will have them telling everyone and referring other clients.

                        Public- Telling everyone you come across about what you do and the great place you work will send referrals.  And the more people talking about us the more referrals we will get.

 Why is it important we work on marketing and believing in the product you sell?  Students are the main revenue, without students you have NO JOB!

 Why is it important we keep and recruit more clients?  If we do not have the clients for the students to learn then learning becomes boring and less marketing for recruiting more students.

 Big plan is the more people we please and have that love our product, the more we have people who advertise for us for free, Seems simple enough… now in order for us to keep and maintain happiness and employment; here are guidelines for you to follow to become very successful at what you do.

 Minnesota School of Beauty helping you become the best you can be… What does this translate into for us?

 How does it translate into our daily duties?  If you embrace that very sentence into EVERY SINGLE DAY helping you become the best you can be;

 Students learning and having fun- We make them feel important, we make them learn something new every day, from technical, life skills, soft skills, etc every aspect that can help them to become successful.  We all show them we believe in our motto and that there success is our success, and we have passion for what we do and for helping them to become the best!

 Clients loving the service they received:  We have given them what they desired, we have shared the experience that we designed for them, our students are confident, our instructors are knowledgeable always there teaching willing to help, praising, guiding etc, all with the very phrase behind everything we do, helping you become the best you can be!

 Having A+ quality education, it’s not enough to have a great curriculum, or great instructors if every component about the experience is not A+ too, from our facilities to how the instructors and staff dress and how the telephone is answered to how our restrooms and break areas appear.

 When Lara and Diane created the first brand experience from the Muzak, the space the colors the atmosphere to the vision and passion of knowing and believing in the vary statement that they live by is Helping you become the best you can be, without believing in that message you as employees would not have what you have today.


You need to believe in the message- and then getting our students, and other clients to communicate if for us, comes from how we operate our school on a daily basis.  Simply put, you have to do what we say.

 Think back to the new restaurant you tried.  What if you asked the hostess what her favorite food on the menu was and she responded, “ I don’t eat here, because it’s too expensive” or “ its all okay”.  That hostess does not believe in the restaurants brand.  Then image if she says, “My entire family celebrated my birthday here last week.  I had the salmon, my dad had the filet and my mom had the pasta.  They treated us like royalty and brought me my favorite cake.  It was such a memorable experience.”  That second answer is what we want to here from our students and you every time you are asked about us.

 We need to conduct business as if we are re-enrolling our students every day.  From the day they start throughout graduation and into their career, you need to recruit them into our brand and let them know how important to us they are.  When they’re important to us we become important to them and that’s when they tell others.   When the buzz is good, everyone wants to be part of it.

 Before and After photos of clients and manikin work. Where should these go?

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