Teaching Methods Rejected

Minnesota Statutes 2020

Subdivision 1a Schedule.

(d) Administrative fees are as follows:​

(1) homebound service permit, $50 three-year fee;​(2) name change, $20;​(3) certification of licensure, $30 each;​(4) duplicate license, $20;​(5) special event permit, $75 per year;​(6) $100 for each temporary military license for a cosmetologist, nail technician, esthetician, or advanced​practice esthetician one-year fee;​(7) expedited initial individual license, $150;​(8) expedited initial salon license, $300;​(9) instructor continuing education provider approval, $150 each year; and​(10) practitioner continuing education provider approval, $150 each year.​

Subd. 1b.Fees disposition.(a) All fees established in subdivisions 1 and 1a must be paid to the executive​secretary of the board.​(b) The executive secretary of the board shall deposit all fees in the general fund in the state treasury

Subd. 5.Board must approve or deny application; timeline.Within 15 working days of receiving a​complete application and the required fees to apply for or renew an individual or salon license that is not an​expedited license or a military license, the board must (1) issue the license, (2) deny the license and notify​the applicant of the denial, or (3) if the conditions in subdivision 6 are met, notify the applicant that the​board must conduct

Subd. 6.Additional review for certain licenses.If an application contains discrepancies, the applicant​is the subject of a complaint investigation, or the applicant has pending disciplinary actions before the board,​the board will comply with the time limits prescribed in section 15.992 to process the application additional review.


Subdivision 1.Continuing education requirements.(a) To qualify for license renewal under this​chapter as an individual cosmetologist, nail technician, esthetician, advanced practice esthetician, eyelash​technician, or salon manager, the applicant must complete four hours of continuing education credits from​a board-approved continuing education provider during the three years prior to the applicant’s renewal date.​One credit hour of the requirement must include instruction pertaining to state laws and rules governing the​practice of cosmetology. Three credit hours must include instruction pertaining to health, safety, and infection​control matters consistent with the United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health​Administration standards applicable to the practice of cosmetology, or other applicable federal health,​infection control, and safety standards, and must be regularly updated so as to incorporate newly developed​standards and accepted professional best practices. Credit hours earned are valid for three years and may be​applied simultaneously to all individual licenses held by a licensee under this chapter.​

(b) Effective August 1, 2017, in addition to the hours of continuing education credits required under​paragraph (a), to qualify for license renewal under this chapter as an individual cosmetologist, nail technician,​esthetician, advanced practice esthetician, or salon manager, the applicant must also complete a four credit​hour continuing education course from a board-approved continuing education provider based on any of the​following within the licensee’s scope of practice:​

(1) product chemistry and chemical interaction;​(2) proper use and maintenance of machines and instruments;​(3) business management, professional ethics, and human relations; or​(4) techniques relevant to the type of license held.​ Credits are valid for three years and must be completed with a board-approved provider of continuing​education during the three years prior to the applicant’s renewal date and may be applied simultaneously to​other individual licenses held as applicable, except that credits completed under this paragraph must not​duplicate credits completed under paragraph (a).​

(c) Paragraphs (a) and (b) do not apply to an instructor license, a school manager license, or an inactive​license.​

Subd. 1a.Product sales or marketing prohibited.The marketing or sale of any product is prohibited​during a continuing education class receiving credit under subdivision 1.​

Subd. 2.Continuing education providers.(a) Only a board-licensed school of cosmetology, a​postsecondary institution as defined in section 136A.103, paragraph (a), or a board-recognized professional​association organized under chapter 317A may be approved by the board to offer continuing education for​credit under subdivision 1, paragraph (a). Continuing education under subdivision 1, paragraph (b), may be​offered by a:

(1) board-licensed school of cosmetology;​(2) board-recognized professional association organized under chapter 317A; or​(3) board-licensed salon.​An approved school or professional association may offer web-based continuing education instruction to​achieve maximum involvement of licensees. Continuing education providers are encouraged to offer classes​available in foreign language formats.​

(b) Board approval of any continuing education provider is valid for one calendar year and is contingent​upon submission and preapproval of the lesson plan or plans with learning objectives for the class to be​offered and the payment of the application fee in section 155A.25, subdivision 1a, paragraph (d), clause​(10). The board shall maintain a list of approved providers and courses on the board’s website. The board​may revoke authorization of a continuing education provider at any time for just cause and the board may​demand return of documents required under subdivision 3.

Subd. 3.Proof of credits.The continuing education provider shall provide to licensees documentation​establishing completion of the class. Licensees shall retain proof of their continuing education credits for​one year beyond the credit’s expiration. The continuing education provider shall retain documentation of all​licensees completing a class and the licensee’s credit hours awarded by them for five years.​

Subd. 4.Audit.The board shall conduct random audits of active licensees and continuing education​providers to ensure compliance with the requirements of this section. To initiate an audit, the board shall​notify an active licensee of the audit and request proof of credits earned during a specified period. The​licensee must provide the requested proof to the board within 30 days of an audit notice. The board may​request that a continuing education provider verify a licensee’s credits. The provider must furnish verification,​or a written statement that the credits are not verified, within 15 days of the board’s request for verification.​If the board determines that a licensee has failed to provide proof of necessary credits earned during the​specified time, the board may revoke the individual’s license and may deem the individual an expired​practitioner subject to penalty under section 155A.25 or 155A.36. The board staff shall have unrestricted​free access to any provider’s class offerings to verify adherence to the provider’s approved lesson plan and​overall compliance with this chapter.​

History:2013 c 85 art 5 s 28; 2014 c 162 s 5; 2015 c 77 art 2 s 45,87; 2016 c 127 s 6; 2020 c 83 art 1​s 45