To be done before the closer leaves at night to ensure the salon is ready for the customers the next day.

1. _____ Walk through the salon, picking up any garbage on the floor and tables.

2. _____ Straighten up the changing rooms, bringing the used gowns to the laundry.

3. _____ Empty and clean out the coffee pots. Clean coffee station.

4. _____ Straighten magazines.

5. _____ Take out any garbage left in the salon.

6. _____ Shut off clothes dryer.

7. _____ Check to make sure that all curling irons, blow dryers etc. are shut off.

8. _____ Restock the retail shelves and dust

9. _____ Clean make-up Products and restock tester.

10. _____ Turn off all wax pots

11. _____ Bring all laundry to the laundry room bins.

12. _____ Wipe down benches and chairs in the waiting area.

13. _____ Breakroom is picked up and the back door is locked.

14. _____ Computers are turned off and desk is neat and organized.

15. _____ Make sure all hood dryers are off and the blow comb station is picked up and appliances unplugged. Product bottles are wiped down.

16. _____ Make sure that all assigned duties for the day were completed