To be done by the first person opening the salon to make sure the salon is ready for customers.

1. _____ Walk through the salon making sure there is no trash, towels, or hair on the floor.

2. _____ Spot clean any marks or prints on the windows, doors, mirrors and front of the desk.

3. _____ Wipe the coffee station and coffee pots, then make coffee.

4. _____ Make sure the bathrooms are clean and sanitary.

5. _____ Stock towels, tissue, and hand soap in the bathroom.

6. _____ Dust the computers, including the keyboards.

7. _____ Make sure the magazines are neat and/or put away.

8. _____ Turn on wax pots

9. _____ Start laundry

10. _____ Turn on computers

11. _____ Print necessary reports for the day ( ie confirmation and new client)

12. _____ Stock desk supplies ( ie tip envelopes, pens, etc..)

13. _____ Clean and dust the desk, wiping down the top of desk with soap. Sanitize the phones.

14. _____ Dust the computers, including the keyboards

15 _____ Double check the deposit from the night before.

16. _____ Make sure the retail shelves are stocked, neat and dusted